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Damn Yankees
April 10, 2009, 8:38 pm
Filed under: This and That, This is the rest of my life??!!

So I just set up this blog so Chris and I can share info about our upcoming wedding (and also so I can learn how to blog).

It’s 1:30pm on a Friday and I’ve been trying to type this one paragraph for what feels like 6 hours. images

Chris ordered the MLB Extra Innings package through Time Warner cable and his baseball obsession is in full swing.  It’s not just his real-life, blaring-TV baseball obsession that’s interrupting my severely underdeveloped writing process…it’s also the FANTASY baseball world that’s cramping my style.  He literally gets the shakes if he doesn’t check his fantasy stats with OCD regularity.  Just as I typed that he asked if he could “jump on for a sec.” Sheesh.


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I think it’s important to share that you and chris have adopted a beautiful blue eyed blonde haired scandanavian girl…ME.

Comment by Ellen

could we discuss the picture of the dog, please?

Comment by msusankent

welcome to my nightmare-you haven’t lived until you are standing on Easter Island looking at something from another planet and there is a tug on your arm and you turn and there he is and the only comment is “blackberry! must check stats”!!!!

Comment by les perkel

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