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A face only everbody and their mother loves
April 11, 2009, 5:07 pm
Filed under: Calliope, This and That

I think I’ll end up enjoying having a dog more than I could ever enjoy having a child.  Our dog Calliope is most likely the result of some kind of scrappy-dog love fest.  She could be black lab and some sort of wire haired terrier or maybe a brunette miniature Irish wolf hound mixed with Griffon…

This images-27 Plus This images-15

Plus This images-33 Plus This images5

Equals This   13

Whatever the case may be, there is this weird pleasure I get when people walk by and point and laugh at her face.  Plus since I didn’t genetically create the dog I don’t have to say, “Thank you” when people say how cool looking she is.  I just get to gush right along with them.  You just don’t get that kind of satisfaction with a child.


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I like how in the picture in your masthead she kind of looks like Grover from Sesame Street.

Comment by vickie

This is the best equation ever. And I think you probably just figured out Calliope’s heritage. Now will you do this with me so I have an answer when people ask what my nationality is?

Comment by Erin

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