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Suck it, Aunt Emma!
June 25, 2009, 7:59 pm
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Last weekend our super-lovely neighbors threw us a super-lovely engagement party. We held it in the little park down the street from Vendome Base Camp 1. The theme was Preppy Chic (See photos).

Lovely Neighbors

Lovely Neighbors

In addition to (because of?) the croquet and Badminton, we had gin and sparkling limeade, champagne as well as vodka and sparkling lemonade. The section of Vendome next to the park is a 2 lane street separated by a very wide, tree-filled median, and when the police drove by on the far side and checked out our fête, I was positive they were going to swing back around to the close side of the median and shut us down.


Drinking in the park CAN be classy

Drinking in the park CAN be classy

Influenced by our recent Net Flixing of “The Wire” I jumped up and yelled, “Five Oh! Five Oh!” Our friend Jamil opened the trunk of his car and I threw in all the booze. I was super bummed when I realized that the cops couldn’t give two shits about our party and never came back only to be foiled by my Baltimore-inspired cunning. Neighbor LM cheered me up by reminding me that our police also work the Rampart district and have better things to do than break up picnics swarming with white kids dressed like Ivy Leaguers playing croquet with their Bichon Frisee.

Upstanding Citizens

Upstanding Citizens

Still, I was totally ready. Stupid racial profiling ruins everything.


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