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Peeing in the shower
August 15, 2009, 12:05 am
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So our landlord seemed like the nicest guy. Very hands off, very, “do whatever you guys want to the place.” We thought that was so cool. Then we needed shit repaired.

Lights don’t work, plumbing sucks, the doors are screwy. The Lovely Neighbors and I reported all these problems and were always met with, “Yeah, ok, I’ll get ‘my guy’ right on it.”

That was literally more than a year ago. Now that it’s a total renters’ market and there’s a vacancy that he can’t fill, he’s suddenly become Captain Fix It. With virtually no warning my bathroom was turned into this:


I was told I’d be able to use E’s toilet upstairs….apparently that’s not the case.

I called the lady from the new apartment we found – it’s ours as soon as they finish evicting the current tenants. I sort of feel bad about taking an apartment out from under somebody…I’ll try to work through my guilt as I walk 4 blocks to use the coffee shop bathroom.


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So funny! That looks just like my place — toilet in bathtub, gaping 5 foot by two foot hole in the wall and leading down into the crawl space left open for two days. And mmmm … Just thinking about all the four- and more-legfed creatures crawling up to our places …! You’re so gonna love showering in that tub after they reattach the toilet – leaving workboot crud and drywall pieces and dead bugs and tools sitting in your shower! I hear Mr. M and “j” are moving in upstairs. Just makes it easier for them to finish the work over the next 22-37 weeks.

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