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CSI’m Tired of Lens Flares
September 14, 2009, 1:29 am
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I'm so ugly

I'm so ugly

We’re in our hotel room watching CSI Miami.  It’s unbelievable.  Not only is David Caruso the ugliest working actor man alive, I think that the director of photography must be the biggest Bruins Fan EVER.  He only knows two colors:  Blue and Gold.  To make this show tolerable we’ve decided to play a drinking game.  Here are the rules:

-Drink when David Apeface Caruso delivers a line over his shoulder

-Drink when David Redheaded Raisin Caruso touches his sunglasses

-Drink when it’s sunset


IT’S ALWAYS SUNSET ON THIS SHOW!!!  Miami must be a photographers wet dream – it is perpetually Golden Hour…..These actors call sheets must read:  Call Time 5:30PM, Wrap 7:00PM.  Needless to say, we are drunk.


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why does this sound like the stophdude wrote it? ps-up to episode 8 of The Wire!

Comment by les perkel

First of all I know you are hip but not THAT hip to know the Bruins colors!!! OOPS-just realized you are probably talking about the UCLA bruins and not the Boston bruins——nevermind!!!!! Episode 8 of what season? If its season 1 I will leave you in the dust tonight as I have episode 8 and 9 primed to go tonight and the balance of the season in the on-deck circle! I am hooked like a “mope” !!

Comment by les perkel

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