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Just a bit of Friday Joy: Bathing Beauty
October 23, 2009, 1:13 pm
Filed under: Calliope, Photos

Just finished a refreshing shower with Calliope.  She doesn’t really like it, but she doesn’t fight it either.  She climbs into the shower with a really adorable, resigned posture then just stands there while I deep condition her lovely locks.  She turns around when I ask her to and doesn’t try to bust through the shower curtain – even after I get out and wait for her to “shake it off!”  The bathmats seem to bear the brunt of any shower-related dog rage, but honestly, they had it comin’.

Cap'n Clean Beard - YARRRRRGG!

Cap'n Clean Beard - YARRRRRGG!

Report Bathmat Abuse

Report Bathmat Abuse


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That’s my new favorite Calliope pic. YARRRRGG!

Comment by Chris

truly the goofiest looking pooch I have ever seen—time to start rubber banding that beard like Captain lou!! Adorable

Comment by les perkel

funny part is i know exactly who captain lou is!!! and Les is so right…Jeez i am so ready for another puppy!

Comment by stacy

GOD what a wonderful face !!!!!!
much too amusing to be tethered to a rubber band

(when we met Lou Albano he was wearing his in his check. he used to jog around Carmel)

Comment by elayne prince

i love this face. adorable puppy. but caliope mentioned again that she really really wants her beard trimmed. she’s scruffy and fun, but she’s a lady all the same. (and she said thanks for the shower and deep conditioning.)

Comment by laine

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