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Happy Lunch hour!!!
November 5, 2009, 1:06 pm
Filed under: Calliope

Apparently wire-haired poochies such as Calliope can be prone to backed up/infected hair follicles.  Many of my two readers may remember The Great Lump Scare of 2009.  Well, this is similar to that, but because this lump wasn’t near her eye the vet was able to just lance it.  After the procedure I asked the vet tech if I could see what came out.  He showed me and I immediately regretted asking.  Luckily for you I only had my shitty cell phone to snap a pic:

grodyIn case you wanted more details… looked like a wad of brownish-black pus with hair in it.  Happy Lunch Hour!!!


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Hey Lanie,
For a minute there I thought a penny came out!
Thanks so much for sharing the brown puss with hair…beautiful!

Comment by Lori

was this what was in her booty?? and thank you, i have lost my appetite completely.

Comment by Cornut

Sunday supper club with never be the same.

Comment by Chris

hey-thanks for sharing!

Comment by les perkel

And you expect me to come back to this blog for recipes?!?

Comment by Brenna

Well, I think with this post, your readership has increased from two. What does that say, exactly, about your readers?

Comment by vickie

it says we like gross.

Comment by susan

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