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Not so lovely corners of our new apartment, or, why we can never have a baby: a photo essay
November 12, 2009, 12:29 pm
Filed under: Chicken!

My little sister Lauren is in the air right now on her way to LA with our one and only nephew Chicken.  No, that isn’t his über hip celebrity baby name (you heard me, Pilot Inspector).  His name is Calvin.

Here’s everything I know about pregnancy:  apparently those last 2 months in the womb are when a baby gets all fat ‘n’ cute ‘n’ stuff.  Calvin decided to skip that part.  He was born a very scary 2 months early.  He was so tiny I took to calling him Chicken Little.  That morphed into just Chicken since he looked remarkably like a rubber chicken for the first few weeks.


The now very fat ‘n’ cute Chicken has decided to start crawling all of the sudden.  I was expecting him to send me an email or at least a text message giving me a little warning, but I got no such heads up from him- kids these days…..So now I’m frantically crawling around the baby maiming machine that is our apartment.P1000389P1000390P1000392

I might as well be driving a Miata again based on how baby-ready I am……



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now thats more like it–my favorite raconteur is back!!! very funny

Comment by les perkel

Ask your fiance what he looked like..he was 6 weeks early and very chickenesque himself. He did not however crawl early. In fact he never crawled at all. He was still sitting on his butt at 15 months til he finally got tired of being tethered to the earth and got up and walked away.

Comment by elayne

So Elayne, Chris sat on his butt until he wandered off aimlessly with no idea what direction he was heading? Some things never change.

Comment by Scott

frankly, i’m amazed that you’ve made it there as long as you have.

Comment by new jersey sushi sucks

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