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The pitter patter of little feet….
January 5, 2010, 2:54 pm
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It’s been quiet here at Casa de Calliope today.  Actually it’s been normal – it only seems quiet compared to the past two weeks.  We I volunteered to watch our neighbors’ dog, Pneuma, for the holidays.  It’s not a huge departure from normalcy since Pneuma comes over just about every day anyway, but then I ended up volunteering to watch Q & T’s beagle, Murphy, as well.

I feel so bad for my downstairs neighbor.  I’ve only seen her once and she didn’t seem that up for being friends then.  I can only imagine how much she hates my guts now that I added 8 extra puppy feet to the normal sound effects we inevitably provide with our hardwood floors and clompy shoes.

Maybe she and my cat should start a club.

All the dog-parents are back in town and all the dogs sleep in their own beds instead of in my room.  It’s peaceful now, but also a little lonely.  Calliope has no stable of buddies to wrestle and I have no more hound-induced hives all over my arms to talk to.

Murphy and his bitches


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cutest picture-ever

Comment by les perkel

You forgot to blog about the most important event in your life. Yes even more important than that eternal life commitment thing you’ve gotten yourself into. So I will blog it for you. Your life partner is moving in! I know you’re as excited as I am about our future cohabitation and days spent together. Not to mention calliope’s excitment about Norma. Can’t wait to break bread and pray together every night again. This is what Jesus wanted for us. Amen.

Comment by Ellen

Oh my god Caliope has missed her little rag-doll / chew-toy Norma!!

Comment by laine

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