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January 11, 2010, 12:36 pm
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I have my own doll! It’s about damn time the folks over at American Girl got around to me.

“Lanie™ Holland longs to get outside to explore and experience the great outdoors. But she dreams of exotic adventures in far-off places — not realizing there are outdoor adventures to be had right in her Boston-area neighborhood.

Lanie doll and book

But with the help of her Aunt Hannah, Lanie discovers the joys of butterfly and vegetable gardening — and birding and camping — in her own backyard. These outdoor adventures open Lanie’s eyes to the natural world and help her really see — and value — the nature that is all around her.”

The lesson to be learned here, girls:

Boston is better than any far-off place you can imagine.  I hope you can really see this.   So stop looking at flights to Spain and go do some yard work.


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This doll is so you .. except the hair color and maybe the eyes, couldn’t tell … hahah! Congrats .. You have a doll!

Comment by Kimberly

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